TODAY’S RANT: Stupid is as Cupid Does

Attribution: Ricardo André Frantz Nothing says lovin' like  a prepubescent archer.

Attribution: Ricardo André Frantz
Nothing says lovin’ like a prepubescent archer.

This isn’t a generic rant about Valentine’s Day. I am not the curmudgeon of ardor or the Grinch of St. Valentine’s Day. All I’m saying is that nothing is less sexy than a naked baby archer.

I guarantee that if you polled paramedics who’ve responded to bow-hunting accidents, none would say that their patients reported sexual arousal as a symptom of arrows sticking out of thighs. How being impaled with a razor-sharp implement came to be associated with the transmission of love, I’ll never know. Yes, little boys have been known to sock a girl they like in the deltoid, but breaking out the device single-handedly responsible for Mongol hordes sweeping across Eurasia is taking that dysfunction up a notch.

I have no problem with nudity. Nudity and erotic love is like getting your chocolate in her peanut butter– so to speak. My problem is with prepubescent nudity. All that does is remind one of the end product of amour, and that’s terrifying, not arousing. No one needs that kind of pressure in a budding relationship.

I know I said this wasn’t a blanket condemnation of the holiday, but I’ve got one more sub-rant. What is with flowers and chocolate as the iconic gifts of the holiday? Is it that nothing says everlasting love like a bouquet that will be shedding wilted petals by day’s end. And chocolate says, “I love you so much that I’ll even love you if you get fat. Furthermore, I’m willing to prove it by doing my damnedest to make you fat.”

I won’t even get into the jewelry ads. “Show her you love her by implying that you think she’s in it just for the swag.”

4 thoughts on “TODAY’S RANT: Stupid is as Cupid Does

  1. take this from a girls point of view – I don’t want flowers or chocolates. I don’t want a diamond necklace or nice earings. I want this and only this – to wake up in the morning, in your arms, for you to tell me you love me, and maybe – just maybe – a nice card that goes on the kitchen counter for a few weeks and then tucked away. Yes yes yes it is waaaay romantic and probably makes you wanna puke , but I am a girl and it is valentines day so bah


  2. Actually I think that my man has been too busy at work for the last few vdays. But then again, I don’t need Vday to tell me that he loves me. Coz he shows me everyday. Ok we can all puke from too much mush now.


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