POEM: Intersections [PoMo Day 5 – List Poem]

Everything I know spends time stuck at intersections:
-Forgotten & Loved
-Remembered & Invented
-Lost & Found
-Lost & Remembered
-Lost & Hopeful
-Hopeful & Naïve
-Naïve & Sentimental
-Sentimental & Rational
-Rational & Irrational
-Irrational & Humble
-Lucky & Smart
-Smart & Humble
-Forever & Never

so on,
 so on. 

POEM: Mental Weather

My mind experiences unforecastable weather.

Adrift in horse latitudes
Tortured by a polar vortex

Low pressure systems
High pressure systems

Storm fronts & storm surges

Partly sunny / partly cloudy
Partly cloudy / partly sunny
[Depending upon whether I’m in a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of mood.]

Lightening strikes
Wind shear / wind chill / wind chimes
Droughts, often followed by flash flooding
Breezes, blizzards, and breezy blizzards
Flood crests

Due points and do points [if not a dew point]
Topical depression — though no tropical depressions

Hail storms

Sun Dogs & rainbows