DAILY PHOTO: Imphal War Cemetery

Taken on May 5, 2017 in Imphal


Japan reached the end of line in its advance to the west in Northeastern India. Both Kohima in Nagaland and Imphal in Manipur have substantial war cemeteries. This is the one in Imphal. The graves are largely English names with crosses or Indian names with Hindi writing, but there are a few others of note. There are several unknown soldier graves, and a fair number of Muslim graves.  There are also laborers who got only one name put on their grave, and–in the case below–the grave of a Chinese soldier.


It was a confusing time because many Indians were serving with the British to fight the Japanese, but other Indians were fighting Britain and trying to ally with Japan.



DAILY PHOTO: Ima Market, Imphal

Taken on May 5, 2017 in Imphal, Manipur

Ima Market (a.k.a. Khwairamband Bazar, or “The Women’s Market”) is a sprawling bazaar in the center of Imphal. Here one can purchase: ghost chilies, melons, fish (dried or fresh), bangles, machetes, wicker baskets, incense, and much more all under one roof and sold exclusively by female merchants.