POEM: Epistemic Hungry Ghost

blocks of knowledge
sit in rubble piles,
having been coveted, hunted, and horded,
they sit in rubble piles

the Epistemic Hungry Ghost
is too busy gathering blocks
to shove and nudge
them into load-bearing
structural integrity

that takes patience & a plan
there are too many blocks,
so many blocks —
ripe for the picking —
so many blocks

Who’d have thought learning could be a drug —
a crack-rock addition
with a prettier face
and prettier fidgets?

POEM: Mentally Rodential

my mind jumps about
it scurries
it scampers
it lurches
it cowers

like a foraging rodent,
one at risk of starving
because it keeps dropping its acorn
at the sight of one that seems
more bulbous
more coppery
more glossy

Buddhists talk of hungry ghosts,
creatures with insatiable appetites
but mouths no good for eating

i crave knowledge and understanding,
but have a mind undisciplined
for chewing and digesting
that hardy substance