DAILY PHOTO: Praying Mantis on the Gunwale

Taken on the Kameng River crossing to Nameri National Park in Assam


Full Disclosure: I know little to nothing about insects. Therefore, it’s possible this bug isn’t in the Praying Mantis family at all. It just had a triangular head with bugged-out eyes and the folded up stabby arms, and I saw some in pics on the internet in which mantises had wings similar to this one.


If you know your insects and I’m wrong, please feel free to comment and I will own my mistake and fix it.

DAILY PHOTO: Big Ole Spider, Nameri National Park


Taken in April of 2017 at Nameri National Park Eco Camp


As near as I can tell from a Google search, and with no knowledge of arachnology, this is either a Giant Wood Spider, a Giant Golden Orb Weaver, or something related.


If you know better, feel free to correct me in the comments.

DAILY PHOTO: Rhinoceros Unicornis: Or, The Great Indian One-horned Rhino

Taken on April 23, 2017 at Kaziranga NP in Assam