Scarecrow [Free Verse]

Scarecrow, n. - that which exists 
                         solely to evoke fear.

There are so many scarecrows:
   global - the end of the world
                    as we know it.
   societal - the end of the tribe
                    as we know it.
   individual - scarecrows of the soul.

Scarecrows lead us into the worst
        versions of ourselves: 
 The one who's stressed, and mean
        because of it.
 The one who imagines conspiracy
        around every corner.
 The one who sees threat in every
        change & in every difference.
 The one who wants an orderly world
        of people just like themselves -
        familiar, cozy, and lacking surprises.

Scarecrows even march us off to war,
        and war should be the scariest state
              imaginable --
        death doled out on a random basis.
War should be the scariest, but terrible certainties
         spur less fear than any old uncertainty.

1 thought on “Scarecrow [Free Verse]

  1. the old school scarecrow
    deposed by digital tribes
    flapping false flags

    (Which is to say, I think that digital tribes are proliferating in a way that exploits a social need to belong in a way that is causing lots of fear – and worse).

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