Doom-Mongers & Talking Heads [Lyric Poem]

You are not the heroes
   you think yourselves to be,
 dreaming up perfect worlds
    that can never be.

Anyone can picture
   a far-fetched perfection,
 and groan of other's faults
    with dead-eyed disaffection.

4 thoughts on “Doom-Mongers & Talking Heads [Lyric Poem]

    • I was just reading a George Carlin book in which he wrote something like, “If you think there’s a solution, you’re part of the problem.” It resonated with things I’ve been thinking about. Such, as operating a human society is everywhere and always a messy undertaking that has no perfect solution because no two people have the same notion of utopia, and, therefore, people who devote their lives to pointing out how things could be better (never offering a realistic vision of how they could be improved, given the diverse set of views of perfect) get on my nerves… as I presume they got on Carlin’s.

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  1. Thank you for the explanation. My mind seems to be peaceful on such matters since I bought a hand made rug about forty years ago, some time after visiting a factory of sorts in (chaotic) Egypt and receiving a background explanation that the design of each carpet includes a deliberate fault in recognition of the fact that ‘Only Allah is perfect’. I’m not religious but what that implies about humanity stayed with me.
    Be well and do good,

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