Bone Cold [Blank Verse Sonnet]

From a stove-heated room, the snow brightens
one's mind with hope that all will be made clean,
but cleanliness is next to nothingness
and nothingness is next to loneliness.
From inside, snow is silencing and light.
It's fine and shifts like sand in desert dunes.
It's silent like the depths of a cabin
at midnight on the prairie before time.

From outside, snow saps all of one's resolve,
and makes one wish to flee the purity
it pretends to generate all around.
The cold, it bites like a full-body vice.

The feet go numb, but brains... they fire wildly --
they shake one awake, but dare one to sleep.

1 thought on “Bone Cold [Blank Verse Sonnet]

  1. Snow can be a beautiful and peaceful presence, but it can also be harsh and unforgiving. From the warmth of a cozy room, the snow outside can spark feelings of hope and a desire for fresh starts. But stepping out into the cold, the snow can be overwhelming and exhausting, sapping one’s energy and resolve. It’s a reminder that the beauty and tranquility of the natural world can also bring challenges and tests of endurance. The snow asks us to be mindful and present in each moment, to appreciate the light and silence, but also to be prepared for the cold and the unknown.


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