Confluence [Free Verse]

with each breath
and each step
you feel yourself
merge with the world

pulling the outside in
pressing into the planet

each breath brings oxygen
used by Buddha or Socrates

grit granules that were 
part of mighty mountains
press into your flesh
or become your bones

the world flows through you
as you flow through the world

1 thought on “Confluence [Free Verse]

  1. “जल में कुम्भ कुम्भ में जल है बाहर भीतर पानी ।
    फूटा कुम्भ जल जलहि समाना यह तथ कह्यौ गयानी ।”
    “Jal Mein Kumbh Kumbh Mein Jal Hai Bahar Bheetar Pani .
    Phoota Kumbh Jal Jalahi Samana Yah Tath Kahyau Gayani .”
    -संत कबीर के दोहे (Sant Kabir ke Dohe / Saint Kabir’s Couplet)

    “Pot in the water, Water in the pot, inside and outside there is water,
    When the pot breaks, the water rejoins the water, there is no difference, says the enlightened ”

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