5 thoughts on “POEM: Clouds & Waves

    • I don’t write exclusively one style of poetry.

      Though the poem above is free verse,
      sometimes I write in various fixed form styles. These include styles associated with English language poetry (e.g. common meter and Shakespearean sonnets) and also fixed forms associated with other languages (e.g. haiku / senryu / haibun from Japanese poesy — though I vary from strict rules to try to maintain some of the sparse sounding quality [English syllables average much longer than Japanese.])

      Sometimes, I set out to write in a particular form (or lack of form,) but most of the time my ideas come out of free writing and a form (or lack thereof) suggests itself as I play around with a key phrase or concept. And if tetrameter works better than pentameter for a sonnet, I’ll vary. I enjoy various fixed forms, but I think it would be a miserable existence to be a poet dogmatically stuck on a particular form. I try to be flexible with tradeoffs between sound quality and form, and subject matter.

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