4 thoughts on “DAILY PHOTO: One Van: Maximum Commentary on Society

  1. I first came across them about a month ago… There’s a local office here in my far suburb of Nashville. I wish I could say that the pic was photoshopped, or an exaggeration, but…

    Their van I saw, and a billboard had the same gal figuratively half undressed. Her boobs were in eminent danger of falling out of her skimpy, skin tight outfits in both pictures. Sex sells, even for women, but sheesh… Have A LITTLE class about it.

    The again, I suppose we have to consider the level of society that a bail bondsman is appealing to also. *rolleyes*

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    • Yeah, you’d think before they got to putting “Naughty” on the one girl’s shirt and then adding the trucker’s mud-flap nude logo, someone would have said, “You know, I think it’s enough, already.”

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