DAILY PHOTO: Cannons on the Veranda

Taken on September 15, 2016 at Fort St. George in Chennai (Madras)

Taken on September 15, 2016 at Fort St. George in Chennai (Madras)


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Fort St. George in Chennai has a small but impressive museum that houses artifacts from Chennai’s colonial period. The museum has artifacts in a range of categories including: arms, coins, porcelain, oil paintings, medals, and textiles. While photography is prohibited inside, there are a number of cannons outside–including some ornamental ones.

DAILY PHOTO: Bangalore Fort: The Tiny Attraction You Probably Missed



20140312_171018The inscription reads: “Through this breach the British assault was delivered March 21, 1791.” I guess that means that the 223rd anniversary of the British attack on Bangalore is right around the corner.

Bangalore Fort is a tiny piece of the 16th century Vijayanagar fortification that remains intact–it’s all that remains. It’s located between city market and Tipu Sultan’s Bangalore Palace. As it takes only about 10 minutes to walk through, a lot of people don’t even realize it’s there.