POEM: Care & Feeding of Your Mr. Hyde

How often should one let one’s Hyde out for a walk?
Just the thought sounds dreadful & unacceptable, right?

But, then again, how many beasts are made more docile by being caged, denied, and disavowed?

It can’t be many.

One never learns the rules of care and feeding for one’s Hyde.

“Just chain the poor thing up in the attic, and hope it doesn’t claw its way through the roof.”

Most people will say, “I don’t have a Hyde.”

They’re the most adorable of all —

like kids who think brown cows make chocolate milk.

5 thoughts on “POEM: Care & Feeding of Your Mr. Hyde

  1. This is one of your best. Of course, “Hyde” means “core” — “hygd” in Old English. There’s a character of the same name in the “Beowulf.” “Jekyll” means “icicle.” Hyde is what Jekyll really is on the inside. He’s something false, a social construct. When the icicle melts, Hyde is what’s left. But maybe we need our false social exteriors….

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