30 Flavors of Poetry: NaPoMo 2020 Recapped

Here’s a linked list of the thirty poems I did this month (each in a different style) for National Poetry Month (and the various other descriptors it’s become known by: e.g. #NaPoWriMo and #GloPoWriMo )

1.) Limerick: Viral Limerick

2.) Sonnet: A Sonnet in Contradictions

3.) Haiku: Solitude Haiku

4.) Ghazal: Away

5.) Acrostic: BANGALORE

6.) Villanelle: Escaping the Frame

7.) Clerihew: A Few Clerihew

8.) Ode: Ode to my Immune System

9.) Ruba’i: Cloud Ruba’iyat

10.) Tanka: Rainy Day Tanka

11.) Free Verse: Train of Sleep

12.) Rondeau: I’ve Seen Sunsets

13.) Senryu: A Few Senryu

14.) Pantoum: Bee Flow

15.) Elegy: Spanish Flu Elegy

16.) Narrative: The Philosopher

17.) Doggerel: All Hail, Warhol!

18.) Prose Poem: Perpetual City

19.) Idyll: Sense of the Meadow

20.) Sestina: Fear in Motion

21.) Lai: Rubber Ducky

22.) Ottava Rima: The Unblemished & the Indelible

23.) Aubade: Booty Call Aubade

24.) Confessional: Fear & the Snowflake

25.) Triolet: The Cult of Leandra

26.) Lyric: Sound

27.) Eclogue: After the Rains

28.) Symbolist: Pressure

29.) Dickinsonian: (1)

30.) Ballad: Orpheus Twisted

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