30 Flavors of Poetry: NaPoMo 2020 Recapped

Here’s a linked list of the thirty poems I did this month (each in a different style) for National Poetry Month (and the various other descriptors it’s become known by: e.g. #NaPoWriMo and #GloPoWriMo )

1.) Limerick: Viral Limerick

2.) Sonnet: A Sonnet in Contradictions

3.) Haiku: Solitude Haiku

4.) Ghazal: Away

5.) Acrostic: BANGALORE

6.) Villanelle: Escaping the Frame

7.) Clerihew: A Few Clerihew

8.) Ode: Ode to my Immune System

9.) Ruba’i: Cloud Ruba’iyat

10.) Tanka: Rainy Day Tanka

11.) Free Verse: Train of Sleep

12.) Rondeau: I’ve Seen Sunsets

13.) Senryu: A Few Senryu

14.) Pantoum: Bee Flow

15.) Elegy: Spanish Flu Elegy

16.) Narrative: The Philosopher

17.) Doggerel: All Hail, Warhol!

18.) Prose Poem: Perpetual City

19.) Idyll: Sense of the Meadow

20.) Sestina: Fear in Motion

21.) Lai: Rubber Ducky

22.) Ottava Rima: The Unblemished & the Indelible

23.) Aubade: Booty Call Aubade

24.) Confessional: Fear & the Snowflake

25.) Triolet: The Cult of Leandra

26.) Lyric: Sound

27.) Eclogue: After the Rains

28.) Symbolist: Pressure

29.) Dickinsonian: (1)

30.) Ballad: Orpheus Twisted

4 thoughts on “30 Flavors of Poetry: NaPoMo 2020 Recapped

    • I’m sure there are those who would say you can’t properly write a Ghazal in English. But poets are notoriously unruly when it comes to playing with forms, and there is now a long history of English language poets utilizing the form.

      A sonnet is a fourteen-line poem that is metered and rhymed. For English language sonnets, the meter is usually (but not exclusively) iambic pentameter. There are a couple of different popular rhyme schemes. One is the original from the Italian Sonnet, another is that from the Shakespearean Sonnet. Traditionally, it deals in serious topics, notably love and death.

      A limerick is a five-line poem with an AABBA rhyme scheme with the third and fourth lines being shorter than the others. Limericks are generally humorous or at least light-hearted in tone, and (contributing to this is may employ weak rhymes or distort words to achieve a rhyme.)

      Sonnets and Limericks are both rhyming fixed forms, but other than that have little in common.

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