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Taken on Bohol in December of 2017

Tarsiers may be the product of a five-way orgy between an owl (eyes), a bat (ears), a frog (hands), a rat (tail), and a monkey (body), but they’re still pretty cute.



  1. Mike Evans says:

    Oh dear – I want one! How ecologically bad of me. They are probably a nightmare to l live with, a pain to keep and completely impractical as pets. Much better off in their own habitat. But that doesn’t stop me wanting one clinging to the curtains in close-to-zero southern England.


    • B Gourley says:

      They would not be good pets. Not because they are rambunctious, but because they are easily stressed and are known to severely overreact to stress-literally bashing its head into things. I’m not sure where the evolutionary advantage is in that, but they share the trait with a large portion of humanity, so maybe they just have a prefrontal cortex too big for their own good.

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