POEM: Not All Journeys Have Routes; Not All Journeys Are Mapped

Struggling to give birth to bliss,

the proud parent fears it’ll flee

–never to return.

He heard his guru chanted the

the mantra one thousand times

–pow, Enlightenment.

Chanting the mantra 999 times

he waits expectantly for his gift

–pow, Nothing.

They told him that it was a path.

A guru told him he had the map.

 False analogy.

Teacher’s destination is not yours.

Don’t buy a map to the unknown.

Dead reckon it.

Be a scientist, leaving the detritus

of failed experiments in one’s wake.

Inching closer.

The rules of space do not apply here.

No seekers have the same beginning.

& destinations vary.

Seekers must make their own path.

Chasing footprints is a fool’s errand.

Step forward.

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