POEM: Neurochemical Grace

Dopamine Model; Source: Wikipedia


I’m grateful for the ability to be grateful.

For gratefulness causes dopamine and serotonin levels to rise.


I’m grateful for the fine people in my life.

For delightful company causes oxytocin and vasopressin spikes.


I’m grateful for my health.

[Or am I healthy because I’m grateful?]

For gratitude correlates to superior health across several indicators.*


I’m grateful for my food,

which is well-balanced to provide the brain glucose,

while offering all the

vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

my neurochemistry needs.**


*Sansone, R.A. and Sansone, L.A.2010. Gratitude and Well Being. Psychiatry. 7(11): 18-22.

**Gibson, G.E. and Blass, J.P.1999. “Nutritional and Functional Neurochemistry.” Basic Neurochemistry: Molecular, Cellular, and Medical Aspects, 6th ed. NCBI: Bathesda, MD.

2 thoughts on “POEM: Neurochemical Grace

  1. I love it when art and medicine coincide. This is a beautiful way to imagine how our minds work. And what a surprise to see Dr. L.A. Sansone in your first reference- I worked with her many years ago. Nice to see what she’s been doing. Thanks.


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