DAILY PHOTO: Colonial Phnom Penh

Taken in October of 2012 in Phnom Penh.

Taken in October of 2012 in Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh contains an interesting mashup of architecture from traditional Khmeri to French colonial era, to the glass high-rises that are currently popping up. This looks to me like the middle one, but I know almost nothing about architecture.

3 thoughts on “DAILY PHOTO: Colonial Phnom Penh

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    • We actually flew into Phnom Penh. Considering it’s a smaller city/airport, it wasn’t much more than flying into Bangkok. We arranged our flight so that we flew into Phnom Penh and out of Bangkok. It was worth a little extra to us to not have to get back to our port of arrival (but the difference was minimal.) We crossed the Thai border by land after having visited Siem Reap. Unfortunately, I can only say what it’s like going from Cambodia to Thailand by land and not by land into Cambodia. I know there’s also water routes (from Viet nam via the Mekong and from the Thai coastal area to the Cambodian coast.) I supposed it depends upon what else you want to visit in Cambodia.


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