TODAY’S RANT: Crossing False Alarm



If you’re like me, when you see the above sign, you say to yourself, “That is all well and good, but what if I get a non-conformist deer, or one of those illegals who can’t read English?”  Now, I know what you’re thinking, usually they put a little leaping deer silhouette on the sign so the deer knows the sign is addressed to it, even if reading is not its strong suit. (Let’s face it, if reading were essential to life on this planet, most of humanity would die out.) At any rate, for any number of reasons I might collide with a deer in a completely inappropriate zone.

Now imagine my confusion, and then excitement, when I came across this sign on a recent walk.

IMG_5309This was a flat piece of land, and rocks are generally believed to be inanimate.  So–at first blush–this doesn’t seem to make a lick of sense. However, then I began to think, “What if they mean ‘Rock’ as in ‘rock-n-roll’?”  So I staked it out for an entire day, hoping to get an autograph–maybe Clapton or REO Speedwagon. Who did I get? No one. Not even Donnie Osmond, because–you know–he’s a little bit rock and roll (a very little bit, an infinitesimally small part nano-rock-n-roll.) There weren’t even local bands.

What’s more, no actual rocks tried to cross all day. No igneous, no sedimentary, no basalt, no granite, no shale, no pyrite, no agate, no jasper, no oolite, no amber, no opalite, no Icelandite, no norite, no obsidian, no quartz, no chert, no flint, no gneiss, no marble, no schist, no slate… are you getting my point here? There wasn’t a single rock crossing event all day. Furthermore, how would a rock even know where to cross the trail? They aren’t as smart as deer.

10 thoughts on “TODAY’S RANT: Crossing False Alarm

  1. I once read about a town that didn’t like where the “Deer Crossing” sign had been placed. (Even though it had been placed there because it was where the most deer actually crossed the road.) So they voted to move the sign to another location. My thought was “I hope the deer can read” because otherwise they won’t know where they should cross now!” lol


    • There was a radio call-in show that had a caller who claimed she had hit three deer near such signs and she was complaining that we shouldn’t be encouraging deer to cross in such heavily populated areas.

      I don’t know if she was a tongue-in-cheek hoax (like me) or whether she was just an idiot.


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