TODAY’S PHOTO: Roadside Cambodia

This is Cambodia

This is Cambodia

Traveling cross-country through Cambodia at the end of the wet season, the road seems to be just the Mac-daddy paddy dike, and the rest of the country is a flooded rice paddy. What once was jungle is now solitary trees, often palms, jutting out of a verdant sea. Farmers fish waist deep, casting nets, as emaciated oxen cool their bellies. Everyone lives and dies by water.

4 thoughts on “TODAY’S PHOTO: Roadside Cambodia

    • I did enjoy the country. For all the trauma they’ve suffered, I don’t think I’ve met a people who were on the whole more friendly and good-natured.

      We went primarily as tourists, though my wife did have a meeting with her company’s firm. And a small part of my novel is set at Angkor–GoogleEarth only takes one so far.


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