BOOKS: The Slow Traveller by Jo Tinsley

The Slow Traveller: An intentional path to mindful adventuresThe Slow Traveller: An intentional path to mindful adventures by Jo Tinsley
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Out: June 13, 2023

This book, gorgeously illustrated with photographs, consists of a series of essays on a different approach to travel, an approach familiar to travelers but not so much to tourists, an approach that is the antithesis of leaping from one postcard panorama to the next, packing a couple weeks’ vacation with maximum sights seen.

Most of the chapters / essays look at a specific mode of travel – i.e. the road trip, hiking / pilgrimage, train travel, and water travel. However, a few of the chapters tack from different angles to look at local food-centric travel, sheltering with permanent structures like bothies and teahouses, and urban slow travel.

There are some interesting insights in this book, it has stunning photography, and I even picked up some book recommendations. If you’re interested in changing your approach to travel to go deeper / less broad, this book is worth reading.

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