POEM: Excuse! Who Uses This Loo?

I hate to be among the few who don’t use the new and improved,
but I’ve been seeing public toilets with three glass walls —
only the wet wall is tiled.

True, it’s not just any glass; it’s “switchable privacy glass.”
[When vacant, it’s transparent; when occupied, it’s opaque.]
Some call it “smart glass.”

Two questions leap to mind:
1.) How smart can glass be?
2.) How bad would I have to poo to use such a loo?

I assume users of this loo have:
1.) an iron-clad faith in technology;
2.) a tendency to thrill at exhibitionism,
3.) recently eaten at Taco Bell, or;
4.) some combination of the above.

What if the power goes out?
What if some oblivious soul shakes the handle?

Has this technology advanced to the point at which there is no conceivable sequence of events that could result in my shooting the moon to a room full of strangers? [Or, worse yet, people I know?]

Until it’s so, I’ll use loo’s with walls, not windows —
thank you very much.

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