POEM: Death & Nature

Don’t bother to bury or burn my body —

just let my bones bleach white.

Throw me in a hole in the jungle —
food for wild dogs, worms, and germs.

Nature’s truth —
a truth painful only to humans —
is that in life we are all consumers,
and in death we are all food.

In nature’s view,
big brains put us no closer to the feet of gods
than does the ancient memory of trees,
the octa-ambidexterity of an octopus,
or the network optimization of fungal mycelia.

We are all both consumer & food.

3 thoughts on “POEM: Death & Nature

  1. Yes though I believe there is a hope of a resurrection and eternal life…which can sound fluffy but a look into the irreducibly functional complex machinery of even basic single cells shows evidence of a highly intelligent designer. Signature in the Cell and Undeniable are two great books by scientists outlining such. Fascinating

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