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POEM: Off the Rails

Rails of sanity. Rails of convention. People find it scary, being afloat on endless seas.They long for rails, and the further out the tracks are laid, the easier they rest.

teary for the lunatic
who ventured off the rails
sitting in a open sea
adrift, not hoisting sails

worry not for me, my friend
horse latitudes are past
when the drifting day is done
i can always raise the mast


  1. SoundFlyer says:

    a deep one – ‘horse latitudes’ gives that feeling of that eerily quiet still 3d isolation you can get far out at sea. I worry not for you, sails well hoisted – I do hope, though, that no animals were harmed during the writing of this poem 🙂 a very good one


  2. Sarah says:

    nicely done! “teary for the lunatic”… excellent line!


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