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Out for Meditation



I’m doing the Vipassana Meditation 10-day course starting tomorrow. I’ll be out of contact (and thus not posting) until September 11, 2016.

For those unfamiliar with the course: no phones, no books, no notebooks, no interaction with anyone but the staff and teacher, and no exercise.  If it’s not meditation, it’s probably not allowed.

Wish me luck.


  1. grace says:

    Better you than me. Whenever I tried meditating at the end of class, I’d wake up to people clunking me with their yoga mats on the way out.

    Have fun.


  2. Mike Evans says:

    Indeed – good luck. I did the 10 day course for the first time last November in Herefordshire. Not easy but I loved it. I’ll be interested to read how it goes for you.


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