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DAILY PHOTO: 1300 & Out

Taken in September of 2014 in Bangkok

Taken in September of 2014 in Bangkok

“The title of this post doesn’t make a lick of sense?” you say.

But it does. This is my 1,300th post, and I’m going on travel for a few weeks to train muaythai at the Muay Thai Institute in Rangsit, Thailand. I may or may not post during the next three weeks depending upon what kind of pummeling I sustain to the brain-pan region.

The photo above as taken about a year ago on the Chao Phraya in Bangkok.

I’ll leave you with a thought for the day: If everybody around you holds the same beliefs as you, you’re not a member of a community, you’re a member of a cult.


  1. Mike Evans says:

    Good luck in Thailand. I’m just pondering planning a trip for more Thai massage training early next year. (Don’t forget to get some good massages!)


    • B Gourley says:

      Thanks and I hope your training works out. I’ll probably need bodywork several times during this visit. (Muay thai training 4 hours per day for six days a week for a few weeks.)


  2. Katie says:

    Dude!! I’m now stalking you!! I love your blog!!! Lol. I may be up too late for a mommy of two. Furthermore I’m a wordy complete stranger… Whatever! Big hug to you! You rock! Your friend is right! Get some massages!


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