DAILY PHOTO: Bangalorean Trees

Taken April 27, 2014 in Cubbon Park.

Taken April 27, 2014 in Cubbon Park.


Just as New Jersey’s state name has made it the butt of many a joke, Bangalore catches a lot of flack (both from residents and outsiders) for retaining the title of “Garden City” in the wake of the recent decade of unrestrained growth. (If anything tells one about present day Bangalore it’s that its size doubled in little more than a decade from almost five million to close to ten. Even under the best of governance that would result in a bit of chaos–re: and this is not the best of governance.)

That said, Bangalore has some awesome trees. (As I’ve mentioned, this results from the lack of proclivity to destroy everything that stands in one’s way or that presents the slightest bit of risk or inconvenience that is the modus operandi  in the developed world.)

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