DAILY PHOTO: Ulan Bator Sukhbaatar Square

Taken in 2007

Taken in 2007


This is the town square in the center of Ulan Bator. Off-frame to the right would be the Parliament Building fronted by a massive statue of Genghis Khan. Ulan Bator is a in interesting mix of Oriental, Soviet, and modern.

2 thoughts on “DAILY PHOTO: Ulan Bator Sukhbaatar Square

  1. Ulan Bator seems like such an intriguing place. I saw an episode of House Hunters International with a couple looking for a house there. I thought I should add to the long list of places to visit.

    How’s the weather?


    • The weather was great when I was there, which was during the summer. You’ll definitely want to see some of the countryside while you’re in the area. I didn’t because I was there for a very short time for a conference and had limitations to prevent me from staying longer. The city is not particularly a huge draw in and of itself, but Mongolia is beautiful.


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