POEM: The Devil’s Face

Can you see it?

That which the natives call the Devil’s Face?

Sure, you’ve seen Jesus in a tortilla
& the potato-face Madonna,
and you wrote them off as something
in your brain circuitry that loves a face.

But turn up the sun, pull out all the water
and you start to think…

1 thought on “POEM: The Devil’s Face

  1. Turn up the ☀️ and you begin to think 🤔. Fossils pressurized to the nth degree 📜; crushed by the weight of the world, given up for dead 💀 suddenly LLC’s with nary a care blow up the Black Hills as Nothing is Sacred no more. The fossils after millions of years become precious 💎 and the natives get paid for their labors with company scrip! Boy what a world, first class ? NOT!


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