6 thoughts on “DAILY PHOTO: Jama Masjid Facade

      • Yes. I actually live in Bangalore. I’m as familiar with Delhi as I’m likely to be. It wasn’t my favorite destination and I don’t plan to return of my own volition.


      • Bangalore is lovely. I lived there for a few months and didn’t want to return to Delhi either. The people here are a bit overwhelming, and the weather is extreme. Is that why you didn’t like it?


      • There are a few reasons. While it’s not a major factor, I will say that in almost two years in India, I’ve only been seriously sick once–and that was during my short trip to Delhi. And that’s coming from a person who’s eaten street food in Bangalore and Mumbai– not to mention, across a lot of the developing world. I think the bigger reason has to do with a sense of desperation that fuels some crappy behavior (or because the huge population density makes said behavior which would be exceedingly rare throughout most of India seem common place.) I’ve joked about disreputable auto-rickshaw drivers and merchants all over, but in Delhi I came across people who would legitimately be called con-men. As a traveler, I’m sure you’ve realized that there are many times people aren’t 100% honest with you, but you can tell they are decent people trying to make a living. They have a morality even if they flex it a little here and there to get by. Then there are the people who are so desperate or amoral that they’d literally stab you in the back or sell you into slavery to make a buck. You can’t leave your house without dealing with the former, but you may go a lifetime without coming into contact with the latter. However, if you do come across the latter, Delhi is one of the few places that is not war-torn that I’ve been that you’d be likely to come across them.


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