POEM: The Gift of Mysteries

The Truthlands are chartless and vast.
I crave understanding.
I’ve tripped through time on jagged lines
in search of mind-expanding.

I’m like a dog in hot pursuit,
both seeking to sink teeth,
and terrified that I’ll be tossed
and die ground underneath.

I’m chasing down a map to Truth,
but it’s the search I seek.
I’m not discouraged that my chance
is little more than bleak.
[In truth, I’m proud to have had such
a winning losing streak.]

7 thoughts on “POEM: The Gift of Mysteries

    • The short, but snarky-sounding, answer is because I’m introverted and have taken up the study of yoga. The more extensive answer is that introversion is something I spent a lot of my life hiding from and unsuccessfully trying to wish away, until I finally recognized it’s a fundamental part of my nature, has its advantages, and that I should embrace it. I also decided that yoga, in the Patanjalian sense of seeking to calm the turbulence of the mind, should also be fundamental to my being.

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      • I wonder been introvert is actually introversion, shyness, or social anxiety. Yes to embrace is important part of each individual lifestyle.

        Introverts might be surprised to find that other people interpret the need to be alone as rude or dismissive… but actually it’s not a fact !

        Yogi thing sound as wisdoms gain by Yoga ! Yea so I gotcha!

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      • I, like many, got a much better understanding about introversion when Susan Cain’s book “Quiet” (and many others, subsequently) came out. For example, introversion and social anxiety are not the same thing. An introvert may or may not have anxiety. In fact, extroverts can have social anxiety — which is arguably much more challenging to deal with because they are being pulled two different ways by life.

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      • You might say it in very simple way self aware personality! Yes I agree it doesn’t actually relate to social anxiety, but yes to an some aspect of life. Very few friends, which is actually a bliss trust me! And all good writers are introvert as they prefer to write rather than talk 🙂

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