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POEM: Little Wisdom

There’s so little that I know.
Banal advice: “Don’t tell, show!”

But I’ve learned a thing or two worth learning.
Enough to feel the warmth of a dream burning.

Feel grateful more often than superior.
Feel contented more often than inferior.

Mother nature offers no free rides.
You won’t find your line by riding tides.

I’m not the best. I’m not the worst.
Though I’ve been loved, loathed, cradled, and cursed.
And known hunger, and burned with thirst.

Foot to fire, you’ll find fear a liar.
It steals will as life’s great briar.

Creature comfort is overrated.
It casts away the moment sated.

Feeling you have the right to live as me.
Is not a laudable love of the free.
It’s just personal pan tyranny.

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