DAILY PHOTO: Klotild & Matild Palaces

These twin buildings, seen from Ferenciek tere [Franciscan’s Square,] were built in 1902 and were commissioned by Princess Klotild [daughter-in-law of Archduke Joseph] and were designed by Floris Korb and Kalman Giergl. In the background are the Elisabeth Bridge [Erzsébet híd] and one spire of the Inner-City Our Lady of the Assumption Church [Budapest-Belvárosi Nagyboldogasszony Főplébánia-templom.]

4 thoughts on “DAILY PHOTO: Klotild & Matild Palaces

      • This kind of stupid enigmas always push me to look deeper into the issue. I figured out that both palaces were commissioned by Clotild. The Habsburgs had three Mathildes: a medieval Bavarian princess, another who set herself alight with a cigarette at the age of 19, and the ninth child of Buda-born Marie Valerie, but there is no evidence that they named the southern building because of any specific one of them. Thus the reason for the second palace being called Matild remains an enigma.

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