POEM: Vanishing Time

It’s mid-month.
But how?
Where are all those days?

Once upon a time,
days were shoved neatly into rows —
like tiles in a perfect pattern…
weren’t they?

Now, the days are tossed rubble:
or missing, altogether.

And I wonder whether I was awake through those disjointed days, or whether my mind was kicked into some kind of timeless void?

4 thoughts on “POEM: Vanishing Time

      • MY reasonably well researched but not conclusively proven theory is that the human mind is more aware of time if we’re in the here and now, experiencing something new or exciting. The older we get, the more it’s “yeah, been there, done that…”

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      • That certainly could be so.

        Though I also think there has been a particular acceleration as the pandemic disruption has continued. A contributing factor may be that I would have taken a few substantial trips and at least one long hike during the past several months that were instead spent mostly in the same routine at home.

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