POEM: Bangalore [Day 5 NaPoMo; Acrostic]

Bridge between high-tech and no tech

Also, city of garrisons, gardens, and grandparents

Native of none and yet Namma Bengaluru

Growing bamboo-like with dense patches of people

Artistically eclectic: Kuchipudi dancers to cringe comedians

Lal Bagh calls to keep the title “city of gardens”

Obliging in ways rarely seen above ten million

Rust red and old stone buildings; the city’s grey hair

Everything is possible here

3 thoughts on “POEM: Bangalore [Day 5 NaPoMo; Acrostic]

  1. My wife and I stayed at the Lemon Tree hotel near Ulsoor Lake for a couple of days, teaching a workshop for Acumen, a non-profit training social entrepreneurs. We walked around that area, and Mahatma Gandhi Road, but didn’t see a lot of the city…

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    • It’s a unique city. While the area around Cubbon Park has both the state capital (Vidhana Soudha) and the city hall, there’s no real central business district in the sense such a thing exists in most cities — it’s more disbursed neighborhoods. Plus, it doubled its population in about decade.

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