3 thoughts on “DAILY PHOTO: Pushkar Camel Fair Market

  1. Not only can camels go without water, but their markets can apparently go without camels.

    Are you in monsoon season?
    Always challenging weather somewhere.


    • Oh, there were plenty of camels–just not in these shots. Also, the Fair had technically been over for a week or so, but there were still residual hangers on (the Camel / Cattle Fair lasts about one month.)

      Yes, it’s monsoon season, and unlike the past couple rainy seasons in which we didn’t get really hard rains until the season should have been over, we’re getting it this time.


  2. Nice to hear from you. It’s dry here. A torrential thunderstorm would be welcome.

    Your extra handstand strength might come in handy; with any luck, just for performing more elaborate handstands. Stay afloat.


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