DAILY PHOTO: Driving the Demons Out? No.

Taken in January of 2014 at Wat Chalong.

Taken in January of 2014 at Wat Chalong.

At Wat Chalong there is a big, brick kiln that is shaped somewhat like a beehive. Loud and long strings of fire crackers are frequently set off in it. I had read that this was done to drive demons out. That turns out to be patently false, but it’s such an awesome explanation that I can see why it had traction. The firecrackers are actually set off to signify a prayer has been answered. (That makes much less sense than driving away demons… I know, right?)

True story: When I was there a guy actually stuck his head up into the kiln to see where they kept the fireworks. Natural Selection was not put to work that day, but I wondered what would have happened if a string went off just then.  On the other hand, the dogs seem to be able to completely ignore it. I know they’re probably deaf, but you’d think the falling paper would unnerve them.

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